Saturday, June 30


Just in at Just Local Food: Fresh, local, certified-organic blueberries from Wheatfield Hill Organics in Durand
Sweet. Tart. Blue. Delicious.

Cobbler or pancakes, anyone? We hear they're wonderful paired with Sassy Nanny's Goat Chevre too... as a cheesecake (Thanks, Renee Papesh!). You'll find the recipe on our Facebook page!

Locally-grown raspberries are scheduled to arrive later today!

Monday, June 4

Wisconsinite: Native Beer from Lakefront Brewery!

Are you in search of the perfect summer beer? Check out Lakefront Brewery's new Wisconsinite! Not only is this beer refreshing - a Weiss-style that seems intended for humid Wisconsin summers, but it's also a beer that literally embodies Wisconsin.

Lakefront Brewery, located in Milwaukee, uses only Wisconsin ingredients in this fine brew - including a native yeast strain. According to Lakefront Brewery's website, their new yeast strain is "believed be to the only North American-grown yeast in commercial use today as well as the first native brewing yeast from Wisconsin."

This brew is perfect paired with a bed of fresh local greens and a trout fillet (from Bullfrog Fish Farm) seasoned with lemon and dill or fresh-caught crappie and bluegill!