Sunday, December 23

Perfect your holiday feast at Just Local Food!!

We still have food for your holiday feast!!

Just Local Food is open today until 9pm and tomorrow, Christmas eve, from 8am - 3pm for your last minute holiday feast needs!

Looking for a quick stuffing fix? Arrowhead Mills Organic Savory Herb Stuffing is $3.89 (regularly $4.99) 
In the meat department, we have fresh hams from Crescent meats in Cadott. They are smoked, cooked and antibiotic free and they're only $3.99/lb.
 There is also ONE beef tenderloin left in the store. It's from Crescent Meats, is antibiotic free and $23.99/lb.

The produce department has everything you need for your fruit or veggie platter, from cherry tomatoes to carrots to kumquats and kiwi.
Stock up for your holiday feast with these certified organic staples! Here's what's on sale through Christmas:
Cranberries are $2.29 per 7.5 oz. container (regularly $4.49)
Celery is $1.99 per bunch (regularly $2.29)
Fresh rosemary, thyme and sage are $2.59 per 3/4 oz. package (regularly $2.99)
Navel oranges are $5.99 per 4 lb. bag (regularly $6.99)

Remember the organic egg nog (on sale for $3.99), beer, cheese, bread, and spices while you're here!

We're happy to help you plan that perfect holiday dish!

Saturday, December 15

Cast iron cookware!

Lodge cast iron cookware is a great gift for the chef in your family... or yourself! And it's now available at Just Local Food.

Cast iron fortifies your food with iron, is a chemical free alternative to non-stick pans, can last for 

generations when well cared for and transfers easily from stove top to the oven.

Some of us think everything tastes better cooked in cast iron. Fried eggs, roasted vegetables, omelets, braised pork chops, grass-fed beef steaks, stroganoff and nearly everything else you can think of!

What do YOU cook in cast iron?

Saturday, December 8

Produce samples!

Stop by today to sample ANYTHING in the produce department between 4:30 and 6pm! Persimmons, pomegranates, apples and zucchini, try it all. Or bring your produce related questions and chat.